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1. If you get an erection, just tuck it up under the waistband of your shorts and pants, this will keep it hidden. Most of you might already know this, but it has helped me many a time. (fearofthemark)

2. Before you take a shower, bring a glass of cold water (or beer?) with you, and drink it while in the hot shower. It feels amazing. (fearofthemark)

3. Jerking off to youtube videos is sometimes more gratifying than real porn (BlitzkriegAir)

4. Get a cough drop and a cube of ice, place them in your mouth, enjoy the awesomeness. (BlitzkriegAir)

5. Try having a cold glass of water after brushing your teeth. (chaoticfables)

6. Eat a ripe mango, then smoke weed one hour later. you will get HIIIIGGGHHHH (poopsmith666)

7. Thin-style hotdog bun + banana + peanut butter + nutella + honey = worlds best stoned food (poopsmith666)

8. loosen grip and increase speed just before ejaculation, then tighten grip during. (sylphin)

9. If you find the right spot, you can stick a nail or any other long thin object in your nose (like 4 inches in) and it's completely safe. Pretty cool party trick if you get it down. (El Hilliario)

10. Before getting dressed in the morning, put your underwear on the radiator for 10 minutes. Then put them on. (TheLukeMaxfield)

11. When you tie your shoes, also knot the loops. Double knots ftw, they wont ever slip, and they are as easy to open as normal knots. (Gakbez)

12. If you suck at rolling joints, roll the paper around a pencil giving it the proper form. Lick the glue and place it over the pencil sealing it and move the paper down to the end of the pencil where the lead is and twist the loose paper to close it there. Put your mashed up weed in a bowl and just use the joint to shovel the weed inside it, using the same pencil to compact the weed in the joint. (true_bacon22)

13. Orange Juice + Gingerale = Magical cure for allergy and cold symptoms. (rootbeerjuice)

14. When you play FPS shout and curse like crazy! It makes the headshots so satisfying. (R0B0_Ninja)

15. Get some coffee at a reasonable temperature (Not boiling hot, but not cool either) and put some ice cubes in the cup, when you put the cup to your lips, your lips will feel cool, but then you get to enjoy the sweet (or bitter, it's all up to you) warm coffee within. Also great with tea! (osXtiger)

16. Bananas are a good remedy for hangovers, and drinking a lot of water before you fall asleep may even prevent them. Weed is also a good hangover cure. So is drinking when you wake up (TheTortured, Ecliptica24, metal_al73 & maidenfan15)

17. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have no toilet paper in a public restroom, use your socks. It may sound disgusting, but they are not a very valuable/noticeable article of clothing, and can be worn like a puppet, allowing you to really get in there and wipe. (JacobLampman)

18. Replace the regular butter you usually put in your hot pasta with a generous portion of peanut butter. You can then proceed to enjoy the pure awesomeness. (Astyan)

19. Before a party where you know you'll drink a lot, take an aspirin along with your dinner, even if you don't have any headache or pain. (Astyan) FALSE.

20. Get "A Real Diamond in the Rough" or "Electric Tears" by Buckethead, then play it in the background when you go to sleep. (Astyan & maidenfan15)

21. When fapping, Grab 4 or so pieces of Kleenex and make them into a type of condom. Just screw the kleenex and when the time comes to ejaculate all the mess will stay in the Kleenex. (Ssargentslayer)

22. Never ever drink orange soda with nachos. They taste like puke together. (Data Helmet)

23. If you like a girl, don't tell her, show her. Telling a girl you like them makes you seem desperate and vulnerable, which is a turn off for almost every girl. (maidenfan15)

24. Never ask somebody that was in the armed services if they have ever killed somebody. (maidenfan15)

25. If you write lyrics, always carry around some type of way to write down any lyrics that may come in your head. (maidenfan15)

26. If you get high, listen to a Pink Floyd album all the way through. (Dark Side of the Moon is my personal favorite). It's a lot more fun if you do it with friends. (maidenfan15)

27. Get some peppermint and crush it with your teeth, but do not swallow it. When it's all crushed, take a shot of vodka and swallow it all. Feel the pain. (basilbrush)

28. When you have troubles peeling your banana try opening it from the bottom. Use your nail to split the end and pull the two sides apart. (frankv)

29. When you're drinking Bacardi try mixing it with Spa & Fruit Lemon. I call it Spacardi. I've heard any lemon flavoured sodas taste amazing mixed with Bacardi though. (frankv)

30. When you're playing guitar, put your phone in your back pocket instead of your right or left pocket. If it's too close to your guitar the pick-ups will pick up signals causing little bleep sounds. (frankv)

31. Don't eat before you go drinking if you want get drunk REALLY easily. (batman187)

32. If you get into an argument with someone and they start yelling don't yell back or you'll just end up with two really pissed off people. (batman187)

33. Pulling it out is not a valid method of birth control. (Dreaminmusic)

34. buy a tin to store your picks. it will save you in the long term (blankoff)

35. Don't write test answers on your hand. Write them on your leg, then during the test, put the leg with the answers on top of your other thigh, and roll up your pants. (migueltherocker)

36. At least once in your life, sleep with your window open during the winter. (biga29)

37. Always sleep with the window open during the summer. (biga29)

38. Pour Baileys Irish Cream in your hot chocolate. It's like a warm White Russian. (AngryGoldfish)

39. Or soak marshmellows in Baileys Irish Cream, then freeze with an ice-lolley stick wedged inside. Wait a few hours and serve to the kids. (AngryGoldfish)

40. Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store. If you leave them connected at the stem, they will ripen faster. (blankoff)

41. If you hold your thumbs down with your fingers and press then down as hard as you can you will never gag. (ryan_nadon)

42. If you want fresh, hot fries from fast food places every time, ask for them without salt (say youre on a low-salt diet if you need to). most places salt all their fries as soon as they remove the batch from the fryer. if you ask for fries without salt, they'll make a small batch on the spot for you. sure you have to wait a few minutes, but it beats cold, soggy fries. (NoLaurelTree000)

43. When you are producing massive doo-doo logs, put a few pieces of toilet paper on top of the toilet water to prevent a splash. (indie_prep)

44. Get as many people into a movie for the price of two.
1) Just buy two tickets for you and a friend while your other friends wait outside.
2) During the trailers, one of you walks out of the theater with your ticket and your friend's.
3) Make sure the usher at the door gets to know your face as you walk out (tell him you'll be right back).
4) Give your friend's ticket to one of the friends waiting outside.
5) Both of you can walk into the theater with no problem because the two of you have tickets.
6) Once again, make sure the usher gets to know your friend's face.
7) Repeat steps 2-6 as many times necessary. Always mix up who goes in and out so that the ushers don't get suspicious. Steps 3 and 6 are important in case they check everyone inside for tickets; the usher will skip you and your friends because he recognizes your faces as people with tickets. (sticksause)

45. Coke + Rum + A bit of lemon = Cuba Libre. Best drink I've ever had. (migueltherocker)

46. At McDonalds, get a junior chicken but ask for Southwest sauce on it, it costs like 14 cents or something, but that means you get a little southwest chicken sandwich for like $1.50 instead of like $5 for a slightly smaller version. (poopsmith666)

47. Put some lemon juice, like the squeezable bottled type, into your bongwater, makes the blowing out of smoke taste like a lemon drop candy (poopsmith666)

48.Listening to lateralus while sleeping will produce the most radical dreams you will ever experience. (louddog93)

49. if your going out with some friends dont hold back and be quiet, if they're good friends they wont care or they'll do it too and any strangers you see you will there is a 97% chance you'll never see them again so have fun. (speedy1330)

50. If you have a cold and can't breathe through your nose, eat some Trebor Extra strong mints (Or something similar) and drink a glass of cold water (CTFOD)

51. Lick the roof of your mouth really fast to get rid of brain freeze. Also, thumb to the roof of your mouth.

52. 2. If you cut a grape in half and have the skin between the halfs then put it in the microwave (in an upside down cup) you can make plasma. If your microwave has a spinny thing on it, take it out. WARNING. MAY DESTROY MICROWAVE.

53. Before you go to bed, and before you wake up, stretch. Touch your toes, etc. It will help you get a better night's sleep, and prepare you for the day ahead. (Todd Hart)

54. The key to singing is having overwhelming confidence. Thats why Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison are famous. (gengisghandi)

55. Learn to play chess. It impresses some people a lot. (gengisghandi)

55. if you order pizza while drinking at a house always save a few slices and eat them in the morning. Nothing tastes better. (metal_al73)

56. if at a gig never jump around or go in a mosh/circle pit directly after or during drinking beer.(metal_al73)

57. sign up to any bands website that you like, best way to get into presale tickets, same goes for festivals.(metal_al73)

58. if you dont like head rushes cough before you stand up. this should prevent them, works for me anyway.(metal_al73)

59. More hiccup curing techniques: Take a deep breath and then start talking. Doesn't matter what you say, just gibberish will do the trick, but make sure it is a constant flow of sound. Don't take any breaths, use up all the air you can. Repeat a few times if necessary, but it usually does it first time round for me. (entity0009)

60. When watching any sporting event, yell. Loudly. It makes me feel much better. (jld8111)

61. If youre running late, brush your teeth in the shower (jld8111)

62. The most vivid dreams happen just when you get to sleep or just when you're about to wake up. So feel free to attach yourself to that pillow a little more and dream like a motherflocker. (Xodah)

63. Salt. Baileys shot. Lime. Tastes like ice cream cake. (Xodah)

64. Everyone can learn to sing. (Xodah)

65. When you get hiccups, lick the roof of your mouth from side to side. It cures it. (Todd Hart)

66. Try sleeping naked. Always such a free feeling, and the warm feeling of a bed is augmented. (DashBlaster)

67. A good mood is made better by simply smiling at somebody. Don't say anything, just smile. (DashBlaster)

68. got teh hiccups? Have a little sip of lemon juice. Goneinstantly. Also works with vinegar. (sglover34479)

69 (lololol). Learn to play pool (or darts) really well. Procede to make bar bets (this could be dangerous if you hustle, but the pay off would be larger). (genghisgandhi)

70. If at band rehearsal, you want the whole band to listen to a song on your iPod, you could place the earphones near (on) your guitar's pickup and play the song through your guitar amp. Use the clean channel and roll down the tone knob on your guitar to keep it from being too bright. (sashki)

72. If you have a headache, apply pressure to your forehead, numbs that pain for several minutes (autumnfallsbest)

73. get two metal forks and stick them into either ends of a pickle, attach the other ends of the forks to a battery, creating a circuit. the pickle will light up (cwl)

74. To fart silently, pull your asscheeks apart with your hands. (muffinbrain)

75. Never drink coke after eating chocolate. It will taste horrible (muffinbrain)

76. f you want to tell someone the truth, make them laugh. otherwise they'll hate or kill you. (catursly)

77. if you're depressed, buy a cat. they remind you that not everything in life nature has a purpose. (catursly)

78. Bulbasaur sucks, Squirtle is the best and Charmander will become a ing dragon once fully evolved. (JacobLampman)

79. If you get depressed, go for a long walk outside; don't just go to bed. (blue_strat)

80. Make shopping lists. They save you from buying unnecessary things. (blue_strat)

81. When shaving with a razor, use hot water when shaving (to soften the hairs) and cold water when rinsing (to close pores and stop any bleeding). (blue_strat)

82. If you ever get bored and have some old, unusable celluloid picks lying around, you can burn them. (SlayingDragons)

83. Instead of using sugar to sweeten your coffee, use instant hot chocolate. (SlayingDragons)

84. If you ever get bored of fapping with your hand, take a regular latex glove, and cut off one of the fingers. The thumb and middle work the best. Lube up the inside with baby oil, shaving gel, shampoo, or something like that, slip it on, and fap like you normally would. (SlayingDragons)

85. Do 5-10 sit-ups every day before going to bed. You will sleep nicely and eventually, you will see a difference in your body build. (thedefrockednun)

86. Dont carry on with education for the sake of partying or just getting a degree; only do it if you know the subject you are studying and enjoy it alot. (the666thmessiah)

87. Wanna get past your comfort zone of cliche guitar playing? Learn music theory ….NOW! (bobsam3)

88. If your struggling in school try teaching yourself the subject from books rather than a teacher you gain a much better non-spoonfed understanding (bobsam3)

89. If you get a splinter then put glue on it, when it dries you should be able to peel the glue and splinter away. (mattman93)

90. If you're worried about a gig, practice with a harder instrument. For example, if you're playing a gig with an electric guitar, practice with an acoustic. The end result will be much easier. (Rock_Rebel)

91. If you ever have blue balls and they aren't going to get fixed through the proper means, stress your body by pushing against a heavy object or something similar. Your entire body doing hard work causes your blood vessels to open up. Fixing the problem. (C/ruel)

92. On most water meters theres a rubber ring on the connection, if you take it out and put a clothes hanger there, the water meter wont register. (bass-man9712)

93. To impress others with your guitar playing, play things that everyone will know. It won't work with people that play guitar, but with everyone else it will work. (chaoticfables)

94. daytripper75 is awesome. Always obey him. (daytripper75)

95. When in a crowded elevator, hold your floor number and the "close doors" button together. Keep holding them in and it will take you straight to your floor whilst skipping all the others. The reason for this is it is a safety thingy for emergency services. (Benjibum2nd)

96. Don't ever take life too seriously. (Old Vendetta\m/)

97. Guys, learn to dance! No matter how uncomfortable you may feel about it, a lot of girls find this irresistible. Don't be the guy who sits down with a glass of punch the whole time. Start dancing, act like you're having fun, and soon you will be. (Samdroid)

98. Talk to people on public transport. It's insane that you see hundreds of people a day and just walk by. (Benjibum2nd)

99. In the bitter cold, smoke a menthol and breathe in deeply. It will feel like you're breathing in pure ice and be wonderful. (2 15/16)

100. (yay) When fapping, turn your hand so your pinkie is facing the tip of your wang. It's much more fulfilling that way. (2 15/16)

101. When you get assignments/homework etc, try completing it the day/or week that you get it (depending on how long you have until its due). It will save you a headache and most likely help you get a better mark by taking a more relaxed approach. (splamron)

102. The relationship thread is where you can get some of the best advice you'll ever get. (splamron)

103. Don't ever get anything with bacon at mcdonalds because its usually VERY old. (batman187)

104. When opening a can of beer, tap the part that rips open a couple of times, and it won't splash all over. (MangoStarr)

105. when opening a bottle of beer and you don't have a beer opener (that is, if the beer is not screw off) you can actually use the bottom of a lighter. wrap your index finger across the bottle with one hand (left hand if you are right handed). and put the lighter just on top of your finger creating torque. then give it a good push and the cap with pop out. (MangoStarr)

106. Eating chocolate immediately after brushing your teeth tastes like win. (breadstick)

107. If you pop the lid off most conventional bic lighters with the flame-size things on them, you can pust the stick further to get a much higher flame. But dont rip it off because you'll break it. (bass-man9712)

108. As appealing and convenient as it may be, social networking (AIM, Facebook, MySpace) are not meant to replace face-to-face conversation. It may be easier, but it will eventually destroy your social skills. (Rockingbird)

109. Doritos are flammable as hell. (barden1069)

110. Scrape all the flammable material off of a box of sparklers, saving one. Pack the powder you just scraped off into a bottle cap with the last sparkler that you saved protruding from the middle (cut off the wire you're supposed to hold on to). Light the protruding sparkler, and when it hits the bottlecap it will make an insanely bright flare. (barden1069)

111. Bacon, green olives, and lemon juice are a WTF match made in heaven try eating. all three at the same time. (velocigecko)

112. Be careful not to drop lighters. They can explode and injure someone. (Kevin19)

112. Lick my asshole!

113. how to make wine

Here's the procedure.

1) Get some fruit juice (I usually use grape but anything works). I usually do this with about 2-3 liters although this is not an exact science.

2) Put the juice in a bottle or bottles so that there is room at the top for it to bubble up.

3) Add a spoonful of yeast (bakers yeast will work) and a spoonful or two of sugar (to bring up the alcohol content).

4) Screw the caps on most but not all of the way and put the bottles in a dark place for a few days.

5) After a day or should it should be bubbling and smelling kind of weird.

6) When it stops bubbling (after a few days) transfer the juice to new bottles without transferring the sediment that will have formed at the bottom. You'll lose some wine at the bottom but this can't be helped.

5) Let this sit for a a few more days (total of at least a week) and the alcohol should be between 12-16% (just an approximation).

6) It'll be kind of sour/bitter but it's still pretty drinkable, especially if it's cold.

Oh and also make sure to sanitize everything along the way.

Or if you're lazy you can just throw some yeast in the juice bottle and leave it like that for a while but if you do it the long way it will turn out better and there won't be so much sediment at the bottom….

-N (Zoot Allures)

114. For an amazingly mild vodka drink, buy a carton of Minute Made Lemonade (looks like a orange-juice/milk carton) and some flavor-less vodka (Brunettes or McCormicks for the cheap ones, plus if you're going to be buying some Kettle One Vodka or Grey Goose, then you might as well do it proper and drink it straight). Firstly, fill a 12oz plastic cup with ice to the top, fill about a third to a half with the vodka, and top the rest off with the lemonade. The result will be a drink that has a very minor burn/vodka taste. You can have about 3 of those drinks and be nicely ed. (Weeping_Demon7)

115. For a really good sweeter drink, buy some Sour Apple Vodka (Brunettes) and a 2L of Sun Drop lemon/lime-ish soda. Fill a cup of about anywhere to a fifth to a third of and top the rest off with the soda. Add as much ice as you want. The result will be a sour-ish drink. (Weeping_Demon7)

116. For the tripiest dreams, have a bit of cinnamon right before sleep. This can either be cinnamon gum or candy. The resulting dreams will make you trip. Hard. (izzygomez)

117. Confidence is the best quality you can ever have. If you don't like yourself nobody else ever will. (BamaBlues)

118. If youre drinking beer with mates and youre drinking from glass bottles and your mate's beer is already open and left on the table or something, get your glass bottle and tap the head of his beer with your beer, itll cause his beer to foam and overflow unless he drinks it fast enough. (Arterial)

119. If you need to sneeze but you need to hold it in (for example, during a test), simply press on the tip of your nose and the urge should go away. (cxrlxscr)

120. When studying for an exam, play a song you like. During the test, think about the song you were listening to in your head, and you should remember everything easier. (cxrlxscr)

121. When you get the number of a girl, dont wait days or hours to call her! Give her a call a few moments after she gave you her number. (cxrlxscr)

122. Be friendly to your teachers. Even if you hate the subject or the teacher itself, the teacher will be more willing to help you out in certain situations (extending a due date, more flexible with you… Ive even gotten test answers this way!) (cxrlxscr)

123. To make your shampoo last longer, when it gets 3/4-1/2 full refill the rest of the bottle with water. now instead of pouring the shampoo into your hand, just squirt some into your hair and mix it around. the shorter your hair is, the more you will be able to dilute the shampoo without seeing a decrease in cleaning ability. (NoLaurelTree000)

124. to cook potatoes more quickly, microwave them before beforehand. microwave for 10-15 minutes if baking a whole potato and less if youve diced them. the normal cook times are significantly cut down but most importantly you'll never eat potatoes with crunchy centers again. (NoLaurelTree000)

125. If you want to go sledding but dont have a sled, wax up the outside of a cardboard box. this works best on a cold day when the snow isnt wet and melting. (NoLaurelTree000)


126. When buying fruit and veg from the local supermarket, get stuff from the back/bottom because if the employees are doing their jobs properly, the fruit there will usually be the newest (halvies)

127. When taking a girl out to eat, never tip less than 20% UNLESS the waitress flirts with you in which case you only lay down like three dollars or some other small amount. (stealer42)

128. When approaching a girl (or group of) at a bar; Never approach from behind (Creepy), and never approach directly in front (confrontational) — Approach instead, from an angle. (Rising)

129. Your body builds muscle when it's at rest, so right before you go to sleep eat a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter to get some protein into your system. (suckmahnuts)

130. Curing acne takes months and months. Dont expect results the next day and bitch when it doesnt work. And drink assloads of water. Make it your point to pee clear at least once every day. And try not eating dairy for two months. Dairy causes many people to break out without knowing it. (Benjibum2nd and fearofthemark)

131. When tuning a guitar with a Floyd Rose, instead of tuning repeatedly from the low E to each of the other strings, tune in this order: EeBAGD

132. If you've got a really bad zit, drink green tea, take some ibuprofen (or some other blood thinner) and apply ice wrapped in a paper towel directly to the zit. Works wonders. (CL/\SH)

133. When pouring a drink with a combo of one thing fizzy, one not (Jack & Coke, Fresh Orange & Lemonade) pour the fizzy in first! (voodoochild13)

134. Try out and learn at least a couple of cocktails, made from readily available things. At parties you can rustle up a nice drink for the girl that deserves it. (voodoochild13)

135. Drink lots of water. It's an easy and worthwile habit to get into-just carry a bottle around the house with you or at work and refill it when it gets empty. It's hard not to drink a bottle of water if it's right there in front of you. Does more for your skin than clearasil ever could too! (PLOP)

136. 121. If you spill red wine on the carpet, pour liberal amounts of white wine on it immediately, and rub it into the carpet. Then, 10 minutes later, pour water on it and rub it into the carpet (the water isn't as important.) Might sound like rubbish but it works wonders. And if you ever spill red wine and have your doubts, do it anyway. If it works (which it will), no stain! If it doesn't (this will not happen! haha)-there still would have been a stain anyway so who cares? (PLOP)

137. To clear your stuffed nose, alternate thrusting your tongue against the roof of your mouth, then pressing between your eyebrows with one finger. The motion loosens congestion; after 20 seconds, you'll feel your sinuses start to drain. (ZAxel)

138. Daytripper75 is a terrible drunk :p

139. Do crazy or adventurous stuff. It'll make sure you dont bore your kids to death when you are older. (oxymorcide)

140. At least once a year go outside for a walk before 7 in the morning. Its pretty cool. (cejis33)

141. Wear sunscreen. It will save you some pain and your skin will thank you for not giving it cancer. Also, when you know you'll be outside during high UV hours, apply it when you wake up. That way you'll have a good solid base coat that will be absorbed into your skin and then reapply every couple hours when you're outside. (suckmahnuts)

142. When you get out of the shower, open the window in the bathroom. You'll never have that annoying post-shower hot flash again.(p o e)

143. Business cards make excellent roaches. (p o e)

144. Always carry a bandana with you. They have a thousand uses. (p o e)

145. Keep a spare jacket/hoodie in your car. You never know when a pretty girl will be cold, or when said pretty girl's Dad may come home and you end up forgetting your shirt in the escape. (p o e)

146. Write some poetry, even if you don't like to do it. Write one a month, and keep the ones you like. When you're talking to a girl you can mention in passing that you're a bit of a writer, and you can show her some writing if she wants you to. If questioned on your lack of writing, say you're taking a "creative vacation" (p o e)

147. Burritos are the best food to eat while jamming. (p o e)

148. Put a condom inside of an altoid tin or something, and keep it in your guitar case. (p o e)

149. Scoobie Doo is amazing when you're high. (p o e)

150. At parties, when trying to pick up a girl, you should always "peacock." Peacocking is having something ridiculously different and eye-catching, like a peacock's tail. If you look like Seth Rogen and another guy looks like Brad Pitt, wearing a pink scarf or something will steal the attention away from him (suckmahnuts)

151. Don't keep condoms in your back pocket or wallet. The friction of sitting on them makes them weak and easy to break. (fearofthemark)

152. Condoms are supposed to be kept relatively cool compared to your body's heat and your rear is one of the warmest places on your body. You're destroying your condoms if you keep them in your back pocket. (Helicopters!)

153. Start diversifying your musical tastes! It's GOOD to like more than one or two genres and you'll appreciate music more if you try to appreciate more music. (Helicopters!)

154. When being gratified by a lady friend either by hand or oral make sure you ejaculate, if you don't she may feel she is bad at it or your not attracted to her so she might not do it again. (TheBackHouse)

155. Cut a hole in a eggplant. Warm it up in the microwave to body temperature. Messy, but feels better than a fleshlight. (fearofthemark)

156. If you're ever questioned at a police station, ask for a lawyer. After you demand your lawyer, they can't legally ask you any more questions. (Packedcracker)

157. An amazing short term fix to a soar throat is to pour salt into warm water and gurgle it for a minute or so. Tastes like ass, but clears your throat up instantly. (Packedcracker)

158. If you're nervous about giving a presentation, don't imagine everyone in their underwear. During a presentation, the last think you need is an erection. (Packedcracker)

159. If you ever want the real thing again, don't ever tell a girl that you fuck eggplant in your spare time. (daytripper75)

160. If you don't let the ice cream/shake/smootie/whatever touch the roof of you mouth you don't get brain freeze. What I do is take a lick then fold the tip of my tounge over the ice cream and let it melt. Believe me it is bliss. (cornmancer)

161. NEVER mix vodka, red wine, and orange juice in the same vessel. You will be sick the rest of the night. You will wake up, and continue to be sick until approximately 12 noon. A blood vessel in your eye will burst, and your nose will start bleeding. (Athabasca)

162. For hiccups- Bend over and drink from the opposite end of a glass. This suppresses your gag reflex. (Gnomefry)

163. A slinky will hold toast, and cd's!! (Gnomefry)

164. If you are trying to hide your love for someone, do not look them in the eyes, pupils dilate when pleased. (Gnomefry)

165. Always bring bubble gum if youre doing stimulants, bubballoo's great. the flavour gets rid of the dry mouth and you wont chew your cheeks off (kthxbi)

166. Never do coke before playing a gig (kthxbi)

167. when fapping with headphones (which is the only way) always have the the headphone closest to the door pushed up your head and not in your ear, youll hear em coming (kthxbi)

168. Adding a small pinch of sugar to most drinks will make them taste better.

169. Once in a while, don't take a shower as soon as you wake up. Take some time and just relax around your home and feel messy for a little bit. Then, when you take a shower, you will feel very clean and refreshed.

170. Sometimes, a warm soothing bath is the best way to relieve stress.

171. Don't bring your cell phone into the bathroom.

172. Clear your internet history once in a while.

173.Make sure to make time for the people you really care about, and if they're good people they'll do the same for you.

174. Never pass up an opportunity to show your appreciation for someone.

175. Go to as many small local shows as possible. The intimate atmosphere provides a good way to really connect with the music.

176. Go to a hookah bar once in a while, and make sure it's not a shady atmosphere. A good hookah bar atmosphere is irreplaceable.

178.Don't give up, even if it seems like there's no hope. You never know when something can happen.

179. A long walk with music in is extremely therapeutic.

180. Trying to maintain a good mentality is one of the healthiest things possible.

181. A little procrastination is ok, but don't let yourself get too far behind.

182. Even if you are no good at something, continue to do it anyway if it brings you joy. One, you'll continue to get better; two, you'll be able to feel a sense of accomplishment and be proud; three, you'll be experiencing something that you would normally quit on - you never know where that can lead (this applies to anything from songwriting to jobs).

183. Don't live your life according to other people; do what you want.

184. Smile at random people. Even better, say "Hi," to random people. Not only will it make both of you feel better, it will vastly improve your confidence. You never know if that one simple act could simply make someone's day vastly better.

185. Remember, it's the small things in life that mean the most.

186. Even if you're not an active person, try to get out once in a while and do some sort of physical activity, whether it's just a walk, run, or some fun activity with your friends. It will make you feel better physically and mentally.

187. Enjoy your sleep, and don't skip out on it. It's important.

188. Be open minded about things. You never know where this could lead - new experiences, meet new people.

189. It's ok to want to have alone time once in a while, but time to time make an effort to get out and hang out with your buddies or meet new people. (173-189 by InfiniteRain)

190. Don't skip breakfast. It isn't the most important meal of the day for nothing. (chaoticfables)

191. Burn incense from time-to-time. They smell good and can help you relax. (clindage)

192. Have patience. It is a skill that is absolutely invaluable to life and making correct decisions. Sometimes taking a day or two to decide something, or waiting for something to happen is the best thing that could happen. (Elioz)

193. Once in a while, turn your cell phone off and keep it off for at least a week. This prevents you from getting too attached to your phone, and you'd be surprised how relaxing it feels to not to be bothered by stupid texts that you really don't care that much about. Make sure people know other ways to contact you, though, in case of emergency. (JazzNick67)

194. Create two playlists: one to go to sleep to, and one to wake up to. Constantly change the songs in those playlists and put them on shuffle.(JazzNick67)

195. Listen to songs that you haven't listened to in over a year, whether you still like that song or not. Feel the memories come rushing back. (JazzNick67)

196. If a website is offering legally free music (iTunes gives 2-3 free ones every week on the store), you should generally download it. It's a good way to get into new kinds of music, and hey, if you don't like it, then whatever cause it was free. (JazzNick67)

197. Every now and then, go outside at night and look at the stars, great for when you can't sleep too. (ScottB.)

198. Always wash your clothes at 30 degrees celcius (or lower), this stops the cotton from denaturing, and they will feel softer for longer and will not lose shape i.e shrink. But make sure the washing liquid you use says that it works at low temperatures, or your clothes will not wash as well. (ScottB.)

199. Old tobacco tins are great for storing little momentos, for example: small photos and the wristbands they give you when you go into festivals. (ScottB.)

200. Two things that girls use to judge wether you are a decent man or not…

  • Shoes - fairly clean and make sure you wear a shoe that is suitable for the occasion, i.e. if your first date is a dinner date, don't wear converses, but a pair of nice, smart shoes.
  • Handshake - Too floppy, they feel you are weak and vulnerable, too strong and you seem you are overly macho, which isn't a good thing. Firm is the key. Also, look into her eyes. (ScottB.)

201. A good remedy for nasal congestion: boil some water, and add either some vinegar or the vicks night rub (or both). Then put it in a bowl and get a towel and put it over your head and stick your head over the bowl. Breathe through your nose. Results can be instantaneous. But keep your head over the bowl for at least 15 minutes. WARNING: if using both ingredients, I highly recommend taking breaks because that stuff is EXTREMELY strong. (talia.)

202. Instead of buying biscuits, make your own! Hobnobs are very easy to make yourself, they might not taste exactly the same, but still delicious and it's almost therapeutic making your own food. (ScottB.)

203. sideaches are caused by cramps in your diaphragm. while you have a side ache, simply breathe out all your air and your pain will disappear. take a deep breath and let it all out. push AS MUCH air out of your lungs as you possibly can. this can take several seconds. when you breathe in again your sideache will be gone or at least greatly reduced. doing it multiple times helps more if it is not completely cured on the first go (vBlackbear)

204. If you are depressed DO NOT listen to depressing music no matter how big the urge is, this will just make you even more depressed and may even start a cycle which is very hard to get out of. (kbabz22)

205. Fap with the door locked. (canadaboy700, that guy again)

206. Every once in a while, try the infamous dangerfapping. Fap for a while until your a little bit away from finishing (not the point of no return, but close), and then call your mom or dad to your room. Then try to cum as fast as you can before they get to your room. The rush is amazing. (bry0n)

207. Never question the sex of somebody with the word "fear" in their username. :P (Todd Hart)

208. Think! Never just do something out of gut instinct. You don't have to ponder everything for a week and meditate on it. Just think about it.(Todd Hart)

209. Lemonade + Vodka = Win (Todd Hart)

210. Never mix half a bottle of Becks, with half a can of Carlsberg, and a quarter of a bottle of blue WKD…you'll be fine…for roughly half an hour…then you'll nearly throw up on your prom date. If you must do it make sure she's pissed first, then she doesn't mind, and as a bonus she'll pay you extra attention cause your ill. (Todd Hart)

211. Take walks…and don't skip out and just walk around your garden, walk for a hour or more around the town you live, any nearby parks or lakes, anywhere that interests you. It's very therapeutic Listening to music is optional, and so is the genre, but i find prog rock or other progressive music to be the best. (Todd Hart)

212. You only live once. (Todd Hart)

213. Never blow air into a dog's face. (Lord-O-Donuts)

214. If you feel uncomfortable and don't know why, it may be because there's pressure on your bladder. Go to the bathroom and pee. (Lord-O-Donuts)

215. To make coffee extra foamy, throw a suitable amount of milk in a sealable bottle and shake vigorously for 2-3 minutes. It should make the milk very foamy. (Lord-O-Donuts)

216. In winter, if youre expecting cold weather, take your car for short drives every couple of days, or just leave it in the driveway with the engine running for a bit. Cold can sap the power from the battery, you dont want the snow to melt and you realise your car battery is flat !

217. Do clean your room. It is a hassle, but no ones gonna want to go into your horrible smelly pit of a room, no girls anyway.(-Reborn-)

218. More than a feeling by Boston is a perfect driving song (-Reborn-)

219. Every so often read/watch/listen to those things that people are always telling you to. Theres a reason everyone likes them so much. (-Reborn-)

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